Test Results

Where do the results of my test go?

The results of the test will go directly to the ordering physician. The NUNM SIBO Lab is unable to tell patients over the phone the results of their test. To have a copy of the results sent to another provider or a copy for yourself, please download the Release of Information form and fax it back to us at: 503.444.6709. Results from the NUNM SIBO lab are sent by either fax or encrypted email. For multiple releases, such as to yourself and another doctor, separate sheets must be filled out for each recipient and each patient.

How long will it take to get results?

After your completed test arrives at the SIBO Lab, it can take up to a few weeks for results to be processed. Please make sure to leave adequate time after completing and sending your test to the SIBO Lab so your doctor receives your results before your next appointment.

My results say that I’m positive. What do I do now?

The NUNM SIBO Lab is only able to run the test and send results to your physician. We cannot give any medical advice for treatment of SIBO or any other illness. Treatment for SIBO can vary depending on what you and your doctor choose as the best course of action.

My results say that I’m negative. What do I do now?

You should still discuss with your physician about what this means. The parameters used at the NUNM SIBO Lab for positive results come from the manufacturer Quintron. Some physicians have different interpretations of what the specific numbers mean. Only your doctor can tell you for certain what to do with the results of your test.

My results came back as a “possible false negative.” What does that mean?

At times, a report may come back with samples that are marked QNS (Quantity Not Sufficient). The Quintron BreathTracker analyzes the SIBO tubes and uses the Carbon Dioxide of the samples in order to give appropriate readings for the Hydrogen (H2) and Methane (CH4) levels present. If the CO2 is too low, the sample is invalid and no H2 or CH4 results are produced. The tubes are vacuum sealed and when the rubber stopper is punctured, they will draw in the first air available, so it is important that the sample is truly air from the lungs.

If a test has a QNS sample, but is otherwise positive, the results are sent normally. If a test has a QNS sample, but is otherwise negative, the SIBO lab will send a notice to the provider that the results may be a false negative and recollection is warranted to obtain accurate results. Only in the situation of a possible false negative can the patient do a retest for a reduced cost.

I had a “possible false negative” test with an invalid sample. How do I retest?

If your doctor has told you that your test had invalid samples and should be recollected, you can do a retest for a reduced cost. To get this special offer, you must contact the SIBO Lab within 30 days of the original test results being sent to your doctor.  Call us at 503.552.1931 and a new kit will be shipped to you.